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SC Tucker Elementary, Danville

posted Feb 6, 2013, 12:57 PM by Travis Fintel
We work with Travis Fintel exclusively when fund raising for our elementary school for several reasons.
Travis has streamlined the process and provides a level of support that makes our fund raising a breeze. I specifically do not want any extra work for my staff nor anything taking away from instructional time. Travis is organized and efficient. We raise a remarkable amount of money every year in a very short time with very little work on our part. We are happy and the community looks forward to Otis Spunkmeyer products. I receive phone calls and emails from other fund raising sources often and the conversation ends quickly when I say that we only use Travis Fintel. Travis has customized the fund raising process to meet the needs of our school and community and I am not interested in using anyone else because of his professionalism and ability to meet our specific needs.
Nancy Barrick
S.C. Tucker Elementary