World's Finest Chocolates

Now more than ever, you need the proven fundraising leader who delivers results.

 When it comes to fundraising in this economy, value has never been more important. We recognize that challenge and are dedicated to providing a top-rate fundraising program to help you achieve your fundraising goals.

 First and foremost, with World's Finest Chocolate you earn from 40 - 50% profit on every item! We make our chocolate fresh, straight from the cocoa beans utilizing only the finest ingredients, so our chocolate is delectably rich, creamy, and full of flavor.

 We want your cause to stand out, so we also offer personalization of your case for FREE. This allows your community to gain awareness about your organization and enables people to know who or what fundraising activity they are supporting.

 And finally, we offer a valuable Pizza Hut coupon on the back of every $1 and $2 fundraising product. With value like that, you are WAY ahead. What are you waiting for? Let World's Finest Chocolate's 60 years of experience help you reach your fundraising goals.

  • The Most Profitability: You make up to 50% profit on every fundraising item.
  • The Best Chocolate: The highest quality and the finest ingredients. Your customers can taste the difference and will eagerly await your next fundraiser!
  • The Guaranteed Freshest: There is no middle man. Buying directly from us means you get the freshest chocolate and I guarantee that. We are your exclusive distributor!
  • The Most Variety: Committed to selling the $1.00 bar, World's Finest offers unparalleled variety for every price point and every appetite!
  • The Power of FREE Personalization: You can add your school or groups logo to each case as well as a custom message. Adding your cause's logo to the case lets buyers know they are supporting something worthwhile and excites the kids to sell! Click HERE for more details! 
  • The Biggest Savings: Double your customer's value with a prized national coupon on the back of every bar. The offer MORE than pays for the bar itself! On the back of every single $1.00 bar is a valuable Pizza Hut Coupon!
  • FREE Shipping: Orders over $2,000 will have FREE shipping. ($30 Fuel Surcharge will apply) 
    Orders less than $2,000 will have a $60 Shipping charge.
$1 Items
             $1 Items
$2 WFC

              $2 Product Line
$6 Brochure and Holiday

Start Stacking up your Profits! 

 Call us today and one of our experienced sales representatives will work with you to design the best fundraising program to make sure you achieve your goals. We'll work with you to choose from our wide range or $1, $2, and $6 products, including a variety of bar flavors and a terrific selection of milk and dark chocolate covered nuts, caramels, and mints. There is sure to be something to appeal to every appetite.

 Call 1-866-835-5041 or click here to contact us today!