$2 WFC

Why $2.00 World's Finest Chocolate?

 These new $2.00 fundraising candy from World's Finest Chocolate offer bigger bars, the biggest name, and bigger profits!

 These candy bars are much larger than the $1 candy bars. They are easy to sell and can help you make bigger profits on every sale. With such tantalizing individually wrapped chocolates such as the Mint Meltaways, Continental Almonds, and Caramel Whirls, you are sure to round out your fundraiser with everybody's tastes.

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 $2.00 Chocolate Shop Variety Pack (30ct)

A delicious variety of fundraising's favorite chocolate offered in convenient variety packs that appeals to students and adults alike! Each case converts to an easy-to-carry display box.

This 30ct Variety pack contains:

6 - Milk chocolate with Almond bars, 2.75oz

10 - Continental Almonds, 2.65 oz

2 - Mint Meltaways, 2.75 oz

5 - Crisp Bars, 2.5 oz

4 - Caramel Whirls, 2.75oz

3 - Milk Chocolate Bar

 5301WFC Price: $30.00 - $36.00

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  • 5 Varieties of bars
  • Retail price per bar = $2
  • 30 bars per case
  • Minimum order is only 8 cases
  • You buy them for $1, and sell them at $2!
  • FREE valuable Pizza Hut™ coupon on every bar!

 $2.00 Milk Chocolate Bars w/Almonds (60ct)

Creamy, smooth milk chocolate & roasted California almonds team up to make an extraordinary chocolate experience - The World's Finest Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bar. The #1 chocolate bar in fundraising for schools, sports teams, or churches!

  • Retail price per bar = $2.00
  • 3.18 oz per bar
  • 60 bars per case

6752WFC Price: $60.00 - $72.00

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 $2.00 Crisp Bars (60ct)

We blend plenty of crunchy crisped rice with our famous World's Finest Chocolate to bring you the World's Finest Chocolate Crisp bar. A perfect bar to add variety to your chocolate fundraising campaign.

  • Retail price per bar = $2.00
  • 2.50 oz per bar
  • 60 bars per case

6272WFC Price: $60.00 - $72.00

 $2.00 Fund Raisins® (60ct)

Plump Juicy raisins drenched with creamy and delicious World's Finest Chocolate for a true taste sensation!

  • Retail price per box = $2.00
  • 3 oz per box
  • 60 boxes per case

 9012WFC Price: $60.00 - $72.00

 $2.00 Mint Meltaways® (30ct)

Individually wrapped chocolates reveal a creamy mint chocolate center surrounded by a delicate chocolate shell - a chocolate lover's dream! You earn more on every box and yet it's still a nice price for your customers - it all adds up to a high profit potential for your next chocolate fundraising campaign!

  • Retail price per box = $2.00
  • 2.75 oz per box
  • 30 boxes per case

8202WFC Price: $30.00 - $36.00

 $2.00 Caramel Whirls (30ct)

A smooth caramel center is surrounded by whirls of creamy milk chocolate. Each individually wrapped piece is a little taste of heaven. These chocolates feature rich, creamy World's Finest Chocolate combined with tempting, buttery caramel - offering your supporters these fundraising candies will definitely help you have a successful fundraiser!

  • Retail price per box = $2.00
  • 2.75 oz per box
  • 30 boxes per case

 6862WFC Price: $30.00 - $36.00

 $2.00 Continental Almonds® (60ct)

Roasted California almonds covered with creamy World's Finest Chocolate - our famous Continental Almonds®.

These delicious chocolate covered almonds are a fundraising favorite for any type of organization.

  • Retail price per box = $2.00
  • 2.65 oz per box
  • 50 boxes per case

 6902WFC Price: $60.00 - $72.00

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