$6 Brochure and Holiday

World's Finest Continental Collection is a presale brochure program loaded with some of the finest premium chocolate available! ALL items in this brochure are priced at only $6.00 making this one of the easiest brochure programs to sell.

  • All items are only $6.00
  • LARGE boxes (5oz and over!)
  • Your school or group always makes 50% Profit!
  • Minimum Order is only 8 cases
  • All items are shipped in bulk case qty of 15 per case.
    (School or group is responsible for selling any extras that they receive)

NEW! -- "Pack by Student” - 40% Profit!

Don't want to order in bulk? Don't want to deal with any extras? Then try out our new Pack by Student program. The chocolate arrives at your school already labeled and pre-packed by each student! NO extras!



How do I run this fundraiser?


1. Call us Today at 1-866-835-5041
    We will send you your brochures and order envelopes for all participants.

2. Sell

     Most Continental Collection fundraisers run for at least 2 weeks which gives you

     at least 2 weekends to sell

3. Send your order forms into us

      Mail your order forms back to us or we will pick them up. We will tally up your orders and

     schedule delivery date with you.

4. Distribute your chocolate

    Your chocolate will come in on your scheduled delivery date. It is shipped in bulk case qty

     of 15 per case. (School/group is responsible for the extras). Distribute!

Please click below to download and view the brochure. Call us today!

Continental Collection Brochure

Deluxe Cashew Clusters

Delightful cashews nested in butttery caramel and drenched with smooth World's Finest milk chocolate. -  5.1 oz boxed



Chocolate Covered Pecans

Crisp, premium pecans nestled in thick World's Finest milk chocolate. - 5 oz Boxed



Mint Meltaways®

Creamy milk chocolate kissed with the refreshing taste of mint. - 6oz boxed



Malted Milk Balls

Creamy World's Finest milk chocolate surrounds each cruncy malted milk center. - 6 oz boxed



Deluxe Pecan Clusters

Cruncy pecans and buttery caramel smothered in delicious World's Finest milk chocolate. - 5.1 oz boxed



Milk Chocolate Continental® Almonds

A flavor explosion of fresh California almonds roasted in cocoa butter and drenched in layers of luxurious milk chocolate - 5.25 oz boxed



Caramel Whirls®

A whirlwind of flavor! World's Finest milk chocolate treats filled with buttery caramel. - 6 oz boxed



Peanut Butter Bears

Adorable World's Finest milk chocolate bears filled with yummy peanut butter. - 6 oz boxed



Dark Deluxe®

A chocolate connoisseur's dream! Semi-sweet gourmet chocolate pieces. - 6 oz boxed



Dark Chocolate Continental® Almonds

Gourmet dark chocolate covers delicious roasted California almonds. - 5.25 oz boxed